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Dorian Britton is a modern universalist, composer, instrumentalist, songwriter and audio engineer. The enchantment of a life driven by artistic passion began early for Dorian, developing perfect pitch at 2 years old. As he explored the piquant flavors of the piano, matching his voice to each key, a love affair emerged. At first he was overcome with the breadth and depth of the elemental metamorphose throughout history, seeping into technique, theory and instrumental mastery. He poured over method and sipped from the many cups of piano, percussion, string and vocal performance. His classical education in Orchestral and Band performance reaches from the mythical lyricism of the Renaissance eras through modern screen composition, jazz and performance music.

His heart beats to the rhythm of the stars fueling his own alchemical transformation as a truly unique and masterful musician. The ebb and flow of Dorian’s work mimics that of the natural world; it is diverse, captivating and eclectic. He gives rise to the deep harmonics and expression which calls to soul level kinetics. His composition has been featured and performed nationally and is perfectly suited for the needs of film makers and performance groups alike. The crisp edges of contemporary wisdom matched with modern sound engineering make for a galvanic musical experience. Welcome to Sonic Alchemy!

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1452 Foundry is our recording studio in Southern Oregon. It stands for a place where music is forged from raw emotion. A place where inspiration meets creativity. 1452 was the year DaVinci was born. A man of great inspiration to all of our endeavors.

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