Today Dorian is a composer, instrumentalist, songwriter and activist whose extensive study of music and eclectic background give him a unique appreciation and view on music that is perfectly suited to the needs of modern film makers and performance groups.
His work has been featured and performed on a national scale as well as various regions across the country. Dorian has composed music for television and film. His original compositions are extremely diverse in style and instrumentation but are always full of heart.
His background in audio engineering gives him a unique edge in the ability to create dynamic and contemporary sounds and recordings.

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Dorian Britton and 1452 Foundry LLC


1452 Foundry is our recording studio in Southern Oregon. It stands for a place where music is forged from raw emotion. A place where inspiration meets creativity. 1452 was the year DaVinci was born. A man of great inspiration to all of our endeavors.

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